Well, it’s times like these that reveal those whose eyes are fixed on Jesus and those taking care of, and trusting in themselves (or government).

We, like you, are being impacted daily with cancellations and restrictions and abrupt changes of plans outside our control. Church, small groups, some Perspectives classes, Just yesterday I had to cancel a major trip to Washington State and Brazil, that included several meetings cancelled by the organizers or the state (Rio State in Brazil). I was to fly out this morning.

I just updated the map of places I am speaking in 2020. As of this writing all are still “on”. Though drop me an email if you are planning to come to a listed event so I can verify that nothing has changed.

Finally, a word of encouragement. The one thing that God says repeatedly in scripture is “Be Not Afraid”. Remember that Jesus has you and He is not letting go. Be wise and safe but do not live in fear. As Frank Herbert wrote in “Dune”: “Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death.”

It is good to remember that we don’t control or days or the world around us, but we know who does!