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November 28th, 2023

Giving Thanks and Giving Tuesday

Today is what has been designated “Giving Tuesday”. We don’t usually do anything about special days like this. God has blessed us with incredibly faithful and dedicated partners. THANK YOU.

If you do want to participate in this Generosity Opportunity it would be slackerly of me not to suggest a couple options:

1. Disciple Making Mentors can use extra funds at year-end. We would be blessed by anything God prompts you to give.
The GIVE Link above provides a number of ways.

2. Special Project: Naraa and Unoroo and their children are our Spiritual Grandchildren. They have been faithfully planting churches among the unreached in Mongolia (in Uvs province where Louise and I minister this June) for a number of years. They also cheerfully inspire us as they labor along with the huge added burden or a special needs child requiring 27/7 care. Zero complaints! Now their boy needs an operation in the USA. If you already know you want to give use this link: UVS PROJECT
In any case, please read their attached letter and see if God is prompting you pray for them and maybe share toward their needs. Giving info is included in the letter:

Naraa News from Uvs

Fruit that Remains!
23 years ago we ran a YWAM Discipleship Training School in Arcata, CA. The main goal was to train a number of young people from Arcata First Baptist Church to plant churches among an unreached tribe in Niger. That school outstripped all expectations. Among many other outcomes it produced a precious martyr, Ryan Smith who was murdered for the Gospel in the Republic of Georgia in 2018. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ripples are still spreading from that class of disciples. The youngest of our trainees, Jon Williamson, went on outreach to a trbe of nomadic herders and was assigned to “Abel’s” family well site. Jon became good friends with 13 year old Abel. Abel says Jon was his “best friend” back then and that Jon, as well as the other YWAM workers, helped him to know Jesus.
Here’s a recent letter from Jon Williamson, sharing an amazing story of meeting Abel again in 2015:
“I would say the big story, which I don’t fully understand, is how my relationship with ‘Abel’, the Wodaabe, and Niger at large, has come full circle back to me here in the Midwest, in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. Many years ago, after having been a part of Legacy Christian Church, our church decided to send a missionary family to Niger and adopt the Wodaabe people. When Crystal and I passed through Niger in 2015 from a mission trip to Burkina Faso, we visited this family. While there, we learned that the family was attending the “Hallelujah” church in Niamey where they encountered Wodaabe with whom our YWAM team previously worked, and actually had become good friends with Abel. The missionary man, ‘Joe’, became good friends with Abel, and discipled and trained him as a leader. Abel became an integral part of the ministry where he continues to be a present day Apostle Paul. I just find it a bit ironic how God creates these connections. Out of all the ethnic groups to adopt, from all the countries in the world, our Legacy Christian Church adopted a people group in the same country where AFBC (the church in Arcata, CA that partnered with YWAM for Jon’s DTS) did so many years ago, and out of all the millions of people in the country, Joe and his family encounter the Wodaabe and befriended Abel. It truly is a small world in the hands of God.”And we and you have the immense honor of playing our parts in moving the Wodaabe from the Unreached to Reach category and hastening the return of Jesus! Thank you for your participation on our team.

Praying your Thanksgiving was epic and your Christmas will be filled with love and grace,
Brian and Louise