Summer 2019

Great News!

The past couple months were a bit nerve wracking. A CT scan on an ER visit revealed a lemon-sized mass between Brian’s lungs. The pulmonologist said it was one of four things: thyroid tissue, two other benign tissue growths with strange names, or Terrible Lymphoma. It took two months and three surgery visits at the hospital to identify it.. The first test was cancelled because Brian already had iodine in his system and the image wouldn’t take. The next try was a throat biopsy that was rescheduled minutes before surgery due to a strong possibility of robbing him of his voice two days before he was to share in a Florida church’s mission conference. Third time’s the charm. The surgeon actually prayed over Brian in Jesus’ name before operating. Four days later the results of the needle biopsy came back — enlarged thyroid, no cancer!  Other than a follow-up in 6 months and a new CT scan in a year there is no treatment needed or planned. Quite a relief. Thank you to all who prayed for Brian during this time.
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Missions Prayer group in our home. Focus: Mongolia and India.

Visitors from Mongolia

Our disciple and sister Erdenebayar (Bayaraa), who helped our team establish the movement of church planting in Mongolia (1993-96), was traveling in the USA and asked if she and her 13-year-old son, Isaac could visit us in Arkansas. We were so excited! Using airline miles we purchased tickets for them to fly from Austin, TX for a week and then onward to visit family in Chicago.
We had a fantastic time together. Memories of 26 years of friendship and collaboration and another opportunity to enjoy our bright and funny Mongolian “nephew”. We took them to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri where Isaac and Brian enjoyed the roller coasters, and the gals enjoyed everything else.
We also did a surprisingly wonderful drive thru safari in nearby Gentry, Arkansas. Way more wildlife than we expected. Our favorite was this hippo posing as a log.

Theme park, chocolate factory, miniature golf, safari . . .  We ended up doing all sorts of new things in our region we’d never done before, as well as favorites like the Crystal Bridges American Art Museum.
Bayaraa ended up a big hit in the church community here in Fayetteville. She shared in both Sunday services at New Heights Community, at our Discovery Group, a gathering in our home (top photo), and at the GO Center. She was also asked to sing a Mongolian worship song at Silver Dollar City’s log chapel!

As we dropped our dear friends at the NW Arkansas airport for their flight to Chicago, Bayaraa asked Brian to be Isaac’s godfather and be there as he matures to provide spiritual and practical guidance. With deep honor he accepted this joyful responsibility.