Keys to Church Planting Movements (Stephanas book)


Twenty-six New Testament Keys to planting reproducing movements of churches presented by Stephanas, a First Century Christ-follower and apostolic worker. Simple and easy to pass on.

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Travel back into time to the first century A.D. when the New Testament keys to church planting movements were forged. Follow the experiences of Stephanas, our fictitious first century church planter, as he follows the example of Jesus and the Apostles. Discover the 2000 year-old New Testament keys that are so vital and relevant for reaching our world today. Loaded with cartoon illustrations that can be reproduced to train your disciples. About the Author K. Sutter has been training and coaching church planters for over 20 years. His travels have taken him to six continents and some of the world’s most isolated and remote peoples. Effectively communicating these keys across cultural and linguistic boundaries is challenging. It means getting down to bare essentials and saying everything in easy-to-remember ways. Learn these keys. Put them into practice. Pass them on. Let’s turn our world upside down.

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